Wondering if you should become a medical assistant?

Here are five reasons why this may be your best career choice in the healthcare field:


Even in a strong economy, having job security is still a significant factor when choosing a career. Not only can it make your work worthwhile, but it can also give you peace of mind when it comes to providing for yourself and your family.

If you become a medical assistant, you can rest assured that you will have job security in this profession. By 2030, the baby boomer population will all be over the age of 65. That fact translates into 1 in 5 of the population being of retirement age at that time.

The baby boomer population will face an increasing need for healthcare, which will also increase the demand for medical assistants. Combined with an overall expected increase in population, medical assistants will play a significant role in the lives of people regardless of their age.


When you become a medical assistant, you can expect to be in a well-paid profession. In 2017, the median pay for a medical assistant was $32,480, or $15.61 per hour.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects this profession to have a 29% growth rate through 2026, which will present you with more opportunities to negotiate the best possible salary. You will also want to consider the potential for bonuses, benefit packages, and overall workplace environment.


A medical assistant has abundant opportunities that aren’t common with other careers. They can work in a small doctor’s office, a clinic, a hospital or anything in between. This fact alone can give you the exposure you need to advance your career as well as make the best possible salary.

Given their wide range of experience in both clinical and administrative duties, a medical assistant can have unlimited potential for advancement. You would have the option to take on more managerial responsibilities, teach others or go into a more specialized area of medicine.

As a certified medical assistant, you have the option to further educate yourself and go in any direction you wish. Some of the jobs you can strive for include Medical Office Manager, Clinical Team Leader, Transcription Supervisor or Executive Medical Office Secretary.


Most people go to work every day without feeling like they’ve made much impact on the world. Or, they’re bored because every day seems like the same and there’s not much room for change in their daily duties.

When you become a medical assistant, all of that becomes a thing of the past. First, a career in the medical field means that your days are rarely the same. You’re going to encounter a varied group of patients all with their own unique symptoms and concerns. Your knowledge will be continuously used and challenged to heal and solve problems.

That sense of accomplishment will also transfer over to the well-being of others. Patients will be looking to you as a way to heal, feel better or maintain their health. You will play a direct role in making a difference in their lives and that of their loved ones.


Many well-paid careers require you to attend a two or four-year college to obtain a degree. However, for medical assistants, you can get certified after attending a training program, which often only require a few months to complete.

A shorter length of time to attend classes also means that you’ll likely have fewer tuition fees compared to attending a two or four-year program. And since you’ll complete the training much sooner, you can also jump into your new career as soon as possible.

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